Hire her. You won't regret it...
As a producer, I'm always on the hunt for talented, proficient crewmembers. When I met Cheyenne on the set of another production, I knew that I needed to get her contact information. She exemplifies the word "professional." I could gush about how prompt she is, or how quickly she gets talent out of the chair and off to set, but that wouldn't adequately describe her worth. Cheyenne isn't an asset solely because of her abilities. Her personality and attitude make her invaluable. She's experienced enough to appease the most demanding "diva," (male or female) but is equally comfortable on independent and student films, when shoot days are long, and money is short. Her intrinsic love for life on set make her an obvious choice in my opinion. Hire her. You won't regret it.
Thomas Jones, Producer

I always call Cheyenne...
Cheyenne is the most creative, diligent and hardworking Make-up artist I know. She listens to what I want and makes choices that are better then what I had originally anticipated. We have worked together on over a dozen projects and each time she exceeds expectations. I will always call Cheyenne to work with me on a film, music video, commercial because we have developed a working relationship that I count on. She is always early or on time for the job, and has a fantastic attitude on set. The film that she really first impressed me on was a period piece set in Germany in 1930. The depth of her research helped to shape the look of the characters.
Leslie Lucey, Producer/Director

I can vouch for her ability to deliver excellent work...
Having worked with Cheyenne in a variety of settings – from easy days on LA sound stages to endless weeks in rural Idaho, I can vouch for her ability to deliver excellent work under any circumstances, and to do so with a great attitude. A fantastic asset on any production.
Cullen Metcalf-Kelly, Assistant Director

...very talented in her craft & is really an awesome team player...
I have had the pleasure of working with Cheyenne on several projects in the last 9 months. She is very talented in her craft & is really an awesome team player. I take great pride in having her assist me in the makeup department and also hold her in my highest regards to substitute in for me when I am overbooked. As one of my collegues, I would say Cheyenne is an asset to any production.
Jennifer Kwon, Makeup Artist

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